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Bling Lead's Paracord show dog leads at an affordable price, styles include Snap leads, Loop end leads, Kindness leads, Choker leads, Slip leads, Toy Leads, Martingale leads with or without a satin neck but if you buy a puppy from me you will get one of these leads for free.


Bling leads show dog leads are made from quality para cord from the U.S, as used in the military. Para cord is a very soft, lightweight cord that is soft to the touch and wont rot or fade. Para cord is very strong so it suits most show dog breed's. The beads add a nice touch of Bling! 


Bling Lead's are made to order. You choose the para cord colour and bead design. With my help we can make the perfect paracord show dog lead that will turn the heads of your friends and neighbours!


If you would like a Bling lead please go to or  please email Janine at:  


You will be very happy with the Quality Creativity Workmanship that Janine does and your dog will the Envy of every dog it comes across.













Here are only a few leads from the Bling Store, if you are interested in a lead please got to the Bling Leads store at   and put your order through.




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