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"We take great pride in the Spitz breed and the maintenance and preservation of this wonderful breed of dog."

My name is Melissa, I am married to Jason Field and we share the love of the German Spitz ,Whippets and my Italian Greyhound.

We have 3 girls which also share the same passion as we do. So as you can imagine our puppies and mature dogs are well and truly loved and adjusted to families or people that would like a dog just for company.




We have been involved with German Spitz  since 2004 when we first got now SUP CH Champion Calamura Jeddas Dream 'Jedda'  from and then our love affair with the German Spitz began, the German Spitz are our Primary breed however the Spitz do share there with other breeds. 


We owe a Big you to Nueboree Kennels for there terrific bloodlines of these two Spitz below which are the back bone to my breeding and are the reason for my beautiful Spitz that we are breeding today. The amazing QLD Award / Aust Ch Nueboree Magic Dream aka "Merlin" and our sweet loving girl Nueboree Moon Shadow aka "Shadow" are such a to our lines .


"CH Nueboree Magic Dream" aka Merlin

Co- Owned with Porsalin Kennels in Brisbane



"Nueboree Moon Shadow" aka Shadow



The reason why we chose the German Spitz, for showing and breeding is for their affection and love of being around people and being an indoor as well as an outdoor pet. If you like dogs in your bed or at your feet, then the Spitz is for you.

I am a stay at mum with my children at I was looking for something to occupy myself, so my love for dogs became my

This way I am here for my dogs at all times at and my puppies will get my full attention at all times.

I was worried  whether or not I’d be able to part with my puppies but as I get to know the people that are buying the puppies it makes it a lot easier.  If I feel that any of my pups wont suit you, I wont let them go.




Mediaeval Age kennels is situated at our beautiful 5 Acres Rural at Alligator Ck  Mackay, Queensland.  Providing our dogs with a safe, happy and open allows each dog to develop their own personality and sense of self, while interacting with our children,  other dogs and with our Jersey cows, Horses and cats.  We find by doing this it helps to socialize the dogs for later

We ensure that all dogs are made to feel safe and welcome both in and outside our home. We understand that some owners prefer not to allow their dog to enter accommodations, we do not allow the dogs to over-extend periods spent inside the home.

They are however allowed into the to help them feel safe inside a home environment, so that they are not alarmed by common sounds should you allow them inside your home from time to time.



We with the dogs individually and together often, so that they have regular scheduled exercise, and are used to interacting with others to ensure their social skills are encouraged from an early age.

"I am registered with the Dogs QLD and stand by their Code of Ethics This means our Puppies stay with us until they’re approx 8 -12  weeks, they would have had their vaccinations, wormed, vet checked, Chipped, 

I Hope you enjoy our site and if you have any Questions at all please us...




                               Nueboree Moon Shadow

                                  Aust Ch Nueboree Caramel Swirl










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